Happy New Year again to you all 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

A very big congratulations to our new face of NAFTraPH, as the NAFTraPH media team presents a letter of congratulations to Pharmacist Ilo Prudentus on 1st January, 2024 as the new face of NAFTraPH for January 2024. 

Led by Pharmacist Lois Ezekiel, the members of the NAFTraPH Media team and general members of the Nigeria Association of Foreign Trained Pharmacists (NAFTraPH) expressed their delight at his successful instatement to the post after winning the Riddle Game in the DECEMBER GAMES NIGHT that was organised by the NAFTraPH media team on 26th December, 2023.

The President of Nigeria Association of Foreign Trained Pharmacists (NAFTraPH), Doctor John C. Ejezie expressed his gratitude to the media team for the successful organisation of the DECEMBER GAMES NIGHT and extended his kind gesture by awarding the winner a huge amount of data bundle as a gift for successfully emerging as the winner of the DECEMBER GAMES NIGHT. 

The winner, Pharmacist Ilo Prudentus showed appreciation for the kind gesture.  He also thanked the Facilitator and organisers for making the DECEMBER GAMES NIGHT fun and interactive. He also encouraged other members of the Nigeria Association of Foreign Trained Pharmacists to always take part in fun activities like this on the group to ease the stress that the Profession it's can bring and promised to keep doing his best to make NAFTraPh the pride of Pharmacy Profession in Nigeria.